ROTALIGN touch – The Original

If you set out to be original, prepare to be copied. 'Never judge a book by its cover' rings true as what you see on outside is often quite different on the inside.

The ROTALIGN touch truly is unique. Let's find out how the leading laser shaft alignment system delivers the best measurement accuracy while offering the most innovative features that save you time and effort.

Our unique technology

Watch and find out: How can you benefit from our single-laser technology?

Why single laser technology?

  • Setting up one laser beam to hit the opposite sensor is much faster than setting up two. In the field, this saves you a great amount of time setting up the measurement.

  • The distance between two machines or length of the spacer shaft never affects the measurement. With a single laser, measurements are based on a fixed distance, which is the distance between the two detectors inside the sensor. For the user, this means that it does not matter whether the distance is very short or very long; a single-laser system always delivers the same accuracy.

  • It is always possible to measure no matter the initial angular misalignment. Thanks to the extension of the detector area, there is no need for a pre-alignment, unlike with dual-laser systems. Therefore, with a single laser, you can document the initial alignment condition as found, as well as the condition as left.

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ROTALIGN touch: A Revolutionary in Alignment

The ROTALIGN touch is the most powerful laser shaft alignment platform on the market.

Whether you’re looking for an effective and reliable tool for your daily use or powerful tool that can measure up to even the most demanding tasks, be ready for any job that comes your way.


Success Story

Gas turbine alignment in less than an hour

The standard functions of the ROTALIGN touch made it ideally suited to perform the alignment of the gas turbines
to a steady bearing pedestal despite the large angular thermal growth offsets.

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The power of shaft alignment

Connected Reliability

Maintenance today for a more reliable tomorrow

A Tool Designed for The Most Rugged Environment

Tests have been taken to evaluate the ROTALIGN touch's resistance to: water, dust, drops, impacts, and cold temperatures.

ROTALIGN touch: the go-to tool for the harshest working conditions.

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A Feature for Every Job

Maintenance today for a more reliable tomorrow


Have you heard of intelliSWEEP, but not sure what that means? Here is the simplest explanation: NO NEED TO WORRY ABOUT BAD DATA!

IntelliSWEEP is a unique and patented intelligent functionality that detects and filters out, in real time, low quality data from the measurement. So if you (or your colleague) are new to laser shaft alignment, then rest assured you can’t do anything wrong.

Our system will track your measurement and give you feedback in real time when it detects errors such as coupling BACKLASH, ABRUPT CHANGE OF ROTATION SPEED, or ENVIRONMENTAL VIBRATION etc. Low-quality measurement points are automatically eliminated, so even under poor measurement conditions, ROTALIGN touch provides the best possible results, which you may, by the way, always check for repeatability.

Simultaneous Live Move

Our sensor simultaneously tracks offset (parallel) and gap (angular) on both axes (vertical and horizontal – X and Y).

During machine correction, ROTALIGN touch tracks the machine adjustments and their impact in the 4 directions simultaneously. In fact, the ROTALIGN touch goes as far as tracking 7 axes (but to keep a long story short, we focus on the 2 axes here).

While the ROTALIGN touch displays the machine movements in all 4 directions in real time, you can see exactly how the machine reacts as you make corrections. For example, if you are shimming, the ROTALIGN touch also shows any parallel or angular impact on the horizontal plane.

The bottom line is that there is no need to switch the sensor position back and forth between the two axes to adjust the machine. With ROTALIGN touch and simultaneous Live Move, MACHINE CORRECTIONS ARE ALL DONE IN ONE STEP.


We have also engineered Simultaneous Live Move to work for vertical machines. Combined with vertiSWEEP, this feature makes vertical machine alignment way easier than it used to be.

You can track your flange corrections in real time while seeing live on the screen if the motor you are shifting is also moving sideways as a result.

It is pretty clear that vertiSWEEP is a really cool measurement method for vertical machines THAT ONLY REQUIRES THE START POSITION AND A SHAFT ROTATION TO COMPLETE A MEASUREMENT. The system will work out the rest so you don’t have to manually start and stop the measurement at predefined positions during the measurement.

In-situ cardan shaft alignment

Moving on to the more 'rare and exotic exotic species' of alignment applications, you may find yourself having to align a cardan shaft. Until PRUFTECHNIK came up with the cardan shaft rotating arm bracket, this was a far more complex affair. With our clever bracketing system, there is NO NEED TO DISASSEMBLE THE CARDAN SHAFT

It takes out the logistical nightmares due to crane location and is very time efficient, easing pressure on your human resources.

Live Trend

Let us be honest with each other.
Live Trend is an application used for the live monitoring of machine movements arising from thermal growth, machine foundation movement, pipe strain, and changes in operating load.


The multicoupling shaft alignment measurement mode and live move enable simultaneous ALIGNMENT OF UP TO SIX COUPLINGS IN REAL TIME.
Additionally the multicoupling live trend monitors the dynamic movement of the complete machine train. Together, these features dramatically cut the alignment time to a minimum.

Connectivity - The future with Industrial IoT

ROTALIGN touch is the only cloud-enabled laser shaft alignment system on the market

Asset management

The only laser shaft alignment system equipped with an integrated RFID reader. The RFID technology supports the automatic machine identification and ensures a fully reliable asset and life cycle management by eliminating any human error.

Cloud data transfer

ROTALIGN touch is the only cloud-enabled laser shaft alignment system on the market. The unit also comes fully-featured for real-time communication thanks to integrated WiFi. It allows transferring alignment data via the cloud both to and from a computer and a remote device on-the-fly.

Alignment Trend

ROTALIGN touch in combination with the Alignment Reliability Center 4.0 (ARC 4.0) software is the only system that can track the ALIGNMENT CONDITION OF INDIVIDUAL ASSETS OVER TIME. The alignment trend complements the vibration-based condition monitoring parameters to help track and diagnose the change in machine condition.

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